The Immigrant Blog 2 – Finding my feet.

“I’m goin’ fer a walk!” – Peter Price, beloved Liverpool DJ and potential shapeshifting lizard. As somewhat of a self-described rotund fellow, walking is often my physical activity of choice. I’ve never been one for competitive sports, partially out of a socialistic desire to see everyone win, and partially out of a kindness to my…… Continue reading The Immigrant Blog 2 – Finding my feet.

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Book Review -Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Book a Week, week one. Vance’s story of growing up hillbilly is heralded as a unique insight into the working class mindset that led to Brexit and President Trump. I found it readable and relatable, seeing many parallels with my own experience of the area I grew up. While there were times when Vance’s political bias was glaringly obvious, and times when I would have liked him to be somewhat more self-reflective, he shares a story worth reading, in a way that made it enjoyable.