What Have I Been Reading & Watching: February 2021 Edition

Those of you skilled in reading dates and such may notice that it is the very end of March and I am just now getting around to posting this. February and March were busy, and as much as I hate using that excuse for everything, I was a little bit tired and a little bit stressed and I didn’t getting around to writing this until now and that’s fine because it’s my blog and I make the rules.

February was fun because Wandavision was on Disney + and it released weekly, and I have missed episodic television that let me get excited about Friday nights. A certain character reveal within that show also inspired my movie watching habits for that month, as you will see. On the book front it was a little light on numbers, because A Promised Land is like a million (700) pages long, and demanded the majority of my time.

February was also the month where the skies tried to kill me, and I found myself with a shovel in hand moving snow around more often than not, which is going to compound my excuses for why this took so long. All that being said, let’s dig in, shall we?

Books: 3

Giovanni’s Room – James Baldwin

A Promised Land – Barack Obama

Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos, Or Community – Martin Luther King, Jr.

TV Shows: 2


I’m not typically a period drama kind of guy. My wife, on the other hand, loves a good period piece. With all the fuss around this, and wanting to give a Shondaland production a go, I relented for once and decided to give this a try. It was pretty good, actually! The cast was great, the storyline was a little predictable but fun anyway, and the music was bangin’ (and nor was that the only thing ayyoooo).

Shokugeki No Soma: Food Wars

I’m also not an anime person so February really was a little out of sorts for me I guess? This was recommended to me as a show about food and it is but it also isn’t? If you do watch this, please don’t tell anybody I sent you and please turn your volume down as some of the noises made while eating the food could very easily be misinterpreted by those you live with and your neighbors. It’s fun, but ridiculous, and yet I watched it all.  I blame the cold weather.

Movies: 6

The X-Men Movies (up to Wolverine: Origins, at least).

Remember when I said that I watched a certain series of movies because of Wandavision (which I didn’t finish until March and so I won’t write about until then)? Well, these are those! They weren’t as good as I remembered them being. They’re comic book movies that take all of the fun out of being comic book movies. Say what you will about the MCU but it resists the temptation to put superheroes in all black leather instead of the funky over the top costumes that make them so fun. There’s also a weird love triangle around Jean Grey that young Phil certainly didn’t pick up on and is forced and gross. I know that they got better after Origins, and First Class was pretty good, but I lost all stamina after watching a few of them.

Framing Britney Spears

This is good. And sad. And terrifying. What starts out as a documentary on the conservatorship of Britney Spears becomes a fascinating insight into the machinations of what in the 90s and 00s was called the manufactured pop world. Where people aren’t people but brands, and where tiny little girls are forced by older men (almost always) to talk about their boyfriends. I’m definitely a Britney fan, I’ve seen her live and everything, but I had never really thought about the horrible, sexist violence she’s been subject to her entire life. I think this documentary did a great job in exposing the systematic violence that young women face in everyday life, but especially those who experience fame, and framing it through the story of a single, well-known individual. A must watch. If you liked it, you should give this article by Mara Wilson a read, too.

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