Explorers Wanted: Missions to Mars

On Tuesday, July 14th, I partnered with the Woodridge Public Library to deliver an online presentation titled Explorers Wanted: Missions to Mars. This was an approximately 1 hour and 20 minute long presentation on the various missions NASA has sent to Mars since the 1970s, and a look ahead to our Mars 2020 Rover, Perseverance.

Thanks to all who have attended my presentations with the Woodridge & Naperville Libraries so far. Below you can find a recording of the presentation delivered on July 14th with the Woodridge Public Library, along with links to all of the other multimedia I shared during the presentation.

Links to NASA videos:

We Persevere –

NASA Perseverance Rover, Launching This Summer –

How We Are Going To The Moon –

We Are Going –

Perseverance Overview –

All NASA Mars Videos –

Mars 2020 Mission Website-

Send your name to Mars –

Explore Mars – a coding game –

Drive a rover game –

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