State of the Village – a Clear Vision for 2020

This past Wednesday was the Village of Woodridge’s 2020 State of the Village address. This was a really unique challenge for me as I took lead on the project, and got to test some skills I wasn’t entirely sure I had!

My key responsibilities on the project included:

  • Selecting and negotiating with a videographer (we chose Diamond Head Productions who I’m happy to recommend).
  • Producing an outline for the video, including working with the Mayor and administrative staff to outline our key messaging and desired outcomes for the project.
  • Writing the voiceover script for the video, and selecting and co-coordinating shoot locations.
  • Working with the Mayor to write her keynote speech for the event, and creating and controlling the accompanying imagery.
  • Working with the team to market the event to our business community.
  • Creating post-event graphics (seen above) to share our messaging.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how everything turned out, and looking forward to building upon the lessons learned for next year.

You can read the post-event press release HERE.

You can watch the video that we produced below!

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