Press Release – Phillip Green selected as NASA Solar System Ambassador


  • Naperville resident Phillip Green is one of only 1000 Solar System Ambassadors nationwide and will receive exclusive NASA trainings.
  • Originally from England, Phillip’s public speaking experiences include seven years spent as a professional wrestler, time spent as a Sociology teacher and now his work as an urban planner with the Village of Woodridge.
  • Phillip hopes to bring the human element of NASA to life and celebrate 2020 milestones such as the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and the launch of a new Mars rover.

Naperville resident Phillip Green was recently selected to be one of just 1000 NASA Solar System Ambassadors nationwide. This competitive program only accepts applications once per year, which are then vetted by NASA JPL staff for applicants with the right combination of presentation experience, motivation, and ideas for community engagement events. Ambassadors are given exclusive training on NASA missions, both manned and unmanned, from scientists and astronauts, before taking what they have learned and creating engaging events in their local communities.

Phillip hopes to use his varied public speaking background to excite and engage groups of all ages about the possibilities of space exploration. Originally from Liverpool, England, Phillip’s first experiences in front of an audience were during the seven years he spent as a professional wrestler under the pseudonym “Gym Powers.” After retiring from the ring, Phillip spent some time as a Sociology teacher, before finally settling on urban planning as a career. Since moving to the U.S. Phillip has worked as the Planner for the Village of Woodridge, where he has worked on exciting projects like Woodridge’s first ever restaurant week, and co-ordinating outreach for the 2020 Census, including using his passion for science to create a Census STEM Family Fun Day, which will include Solar System Ambassador presentations and activities.

“Working with NASA has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember,” said Phillip, “2020 is a really exciting year to start volunteering as a Solar System Ambassador, and I’m looking forward to putting together some really fun presentations and activities on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and the 2020 Mars Rover. This is a phenomenal opportunity, and I fully intend to make the most of it and be active in the community.”

For more on Phillip, please visit or view his NASA Solar System Ambassador bio and profile at

The Solar System Ambassadors Program of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers information and excitement about real missions that explore our solar system. Volunteer ambassadors in communities throughout the country are selected by JPL based on their backgrounds and on their plans for public outreach activities. JPL provides ambassadors with educational materials and training. However, the opinions of Ambassadors are not necessarily those of NASA or JPL. Further information about the Solar System Ambassadors Program is available at JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. 

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